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This is an independent, mostly canon and post-Advent Children Reno blog, willing to play any time period and cross-fandom friendly.

You are turned into a vampire for week.
+ Anonymous

He was on a dark stretch of sidewalk, the streetlights in the area coincidentally all burned out or broken, when he was hit.  He was a Turk and he was fast, so he shouldn’t have been so easily surprised, but he didn’t see it coming.  He screamed as it ripped at his throat, writhing and thrashing, but even the struggles of a well-trained individual slowed as it attached itself to his neck, a burning agony spreading through his body. 

It was like molten steel being pumped through his veins, this fire that felt like it would surely cause him to burst into flames, and just when he thought that the weakness that came with it was going to completely drop him, the creature withdrew.  Something wet with some thick liquid was pressed against his mouth, and initially, he didn’t react, but he didn’t have to.  It dripped into his mouth until it was either swallow or choke on it, and the body’s first instinct is to live.  He swallowed, and that was the end of that. 

Hours later, he slowly woke to find himself in a crumpled heap in an alley, bloodied and feeling like total shit.  What the actual fuck?